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Legal basis:

LAW no. 50 of 1991 regarding authorization of construction works, as amended and supplemented

ORDER no. 839 of 2009 approving the Methodological Norms for applying Law no. 50/1991 on the authorization of construction works, as amended and supplemented.

The building permit is the final act of the local government authority that is permitted on a construction appropriate statutory measures relating to sitting, design, implementation, operation and post-use of a building.

Building permit is issued based on the authorization documentation for construction works developed in accordance with this law, under and in compliance with the urban documentation, endorsed and approved according to the law.

Necessary documents for obtaining the Construction/demolition Authorization

  • urbanism certificate, in copy

  • proof of the title over the real estate, land and/or construction, in certified copy, or, by case, cadastral plan extract to date and land book extract for information to date, if the law does not set contrary disposition

  • technical documentation – T.D., in two copies, one to be archived by the issuer and one signed for not to be changed is to be returned to the beneficiary

  • approvals and agreements and the position/administrative act of the competent environmental protection authority, solicited through the urbanism certificate, in copy

  • special studies, technical justificatory note or the technical expertise rapport for works of intervention on existent constructions and/or energy audit rapport for works of intervention for the purpose of increasing the building’s energy performance, solicited through the urbanism certificate, in the conditions of the law, one exemplary.

Documentation for demolition works authorization, elaborated in accordance with the urbanism documentations provisions, approved, in accordance with the law, has the same structure with the documentation for the construction authorization and is to be considered complete if, in addition to the form for obtaining the demolition authorization – including the annex – ( to be used the form – model F.8 – Request for obtaining the construction/demolition authorization – obtained from de issuer), filled with the identification elements and the technical data according to the technical documentation – T.D.A.D. contains the same documents mentioned at paragraph (1), adapted to the purpose, and also the fiscal certificate regarding the real estate tax value ( copy)

When entering the documentation for the construction works authorization, the following should be taken into account:

  • at the same time with the construction/demolition authorization it is solicited, by rule, also the authorization for organizing the works. In this situation, the solicitor has the obligation to present, in addition to the technical documentation – T.D. for authorizing the base works (T.D.A.C.), the technical documentation – T.D. for organizing the execution of the works ( D.T.O.E.) – written pieces and drawn-, fulfilled in accordance with annex no. 1 to the Law, together with the afferent specific approvals ( circulation approval, temporary occupancy of public domain approval, sanitary approval, approval/contract with the sanitation firm and others likewise, by case), in two copies.

  • if, by the urbanism certificate further studies were called, their syntheses are attached documentation, including opinions / approvals obtained for these (two copies). If necessary, the applicant may request the submission of studies as a whole.

CONTENTS of the technical documentation T.D. for authorizing the execution of construction works.

The technical documentation – T.D. for authorizing construction works is elaborated by authorized designers, physical or juridical persons, developed in the technical project made in accordance to the law in force, in accordance with the requirements of the urbanism certificate, with the contents of the approvals, the position of the competent environmental protection authority, ad also, by case, the administrative act of this authority, required through the urbanism certificate.

The technical documentation – T.D. for authorizing construction works is elaborated for:

  • authorization of the execution of construction works – T.D.A.C.

  • authorization of the execution of demolition works – T.D.A.D.

  • authorization of the execution of organizing works – T.D. O.E.

Contents of the technical documentation – T.D. for authorizing the execution of construction works contains a table of contents of the written and drawn pieces, necessary to be presented for authorization.

A. The project for authorization the execution of construction works – T.D.A.C.

I. Written pieces

1. List and signatures of designers

Is filled out, clearly, with the names and quality of the designers, and also with the part of the project for which they are responsible.

2. Memoir

2.1. General Data

Description of the works that compose the object of the project for authorizing construction works, with referrals to:

  • the emplacement, its topography, works lining

  • climate, specific natural phenomenon

  • geology and seismicity

  • objective’s importance category

2.2. Special memoirs

Description of the works of:

  • architecture;

  • structure;

  • networks;

  • specifications and technological networks, by case;

  • exterior design and vertical systematization.

2.3. Data and indices that characterize the projected investment, contained in the annex for the authorization request:

  • surfaces – developed stretched, developed on the ground, and useful;  

  • Building heights and number of floors;

  • construction volume;

  • land occupancy percent - L.O.P. ;

  • land use coefficient L.U.C.;

2.4. General works estimate, fulfilled in accordance to the Law in force

  2.5. Annexes to the memoir

  2.5.1. Geotechnical study

 2.5.2. Technical documentation – T.D. verification report, in accordance to the Law in force, regarding construction quality, including the situations subject to article 7 paragraph (2^1) and (2^3) made by project verifiers approved by the Ministry of Development, Public Works and Housing, chosen by the investor.

 2.5.3. Approvals regarding insurance, branching and connecting to the municipal infrastructure, by case, and also approvals and specific administrative documents of the central public administration organisms, or their decentralized services, by case – Ministry of the Environment  and Durable Development, Ministry of the Interior and Administrative Reform, Ministry of Public Health and also Ministry of Culture and Cults, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Development, Public Works and Housing, Ministry of Transport, Romanian Information Service or other interested organisms, established through the urbanism certificate in accordance to the Law in force and following the special conditions of the emplacement and/or the investment’s function, by case, preliminary obtained by the solicitor.

2.5.4. Neighbors agreement, in accordance to the Law in force, exercised in authentic form, for new constructions, emplaced adjacent to existing buildings or in their immediate vicinity-, and only if intervention measures for their protection are required -, for construction works necessary for changing the destination of the existing building, and also in the case of emplacing of buildings with other destinations than the one of the neighboring buildings.   

II. Drawn pieces

1. General plans

   1.1. Territory framing plan

- zone framing plan of the work, made to scale 1:10.000, 1:5.000, 1:2.000 or 1:1.000, by case, issued by the territorial Cadastre and Real Estate Publicity Office

   1.2. Situation plan regarding the emplacement of the investment objectives  

  • Relief representation plan, made in the Stereographical Projection system 1970, at scales  1:2.000, 1:1.000, 1:500, 1:200 or 1:100, by case, with the territorial Cadastre and Real Estate Publicity Office visa, on which it will be represented:

  • the real estate, identified through the cadastral number, for which the urbanism certificate was issued, described through the totality of the topographical elements determinant for the surface, sides length, angles, including the position and height of the ridge of the bordering turbots, and also the fixed and mobile landmark tracking;

  • the emplacement of all constructions that will be maintained, demolished or are to be constructed;

  • the level of the projected and maintained constructions, on the three dimensions ( levels +/- 0,00, emplacement distance, axis, sidewalk levels, alley levels, platforms and others likewise);

  • name and destination of each building block;

  • vertical systematization of the land and the mode of drainage of the pluvial waters;

  • pedestrian and car access from the enclosed area and buildings, provided plantations;

  • plan of the lot in the case of not enclosed real estate that is subject to the law for refunding property.

1.3.  Plan for subterranean constructions

It will contain their emplacement, especially of the municipal utilities networks form the emplacement zone: routes, dimensions, levels regarding the positioning of the manholes – cover and slab, and it will be redacted at scale 1:500.

 In case of the lack of public networks the installations provisioned in the project will be indicated, especially those for water and sewage.

   2. Special plans

2.1. Architecture

The drawn architecture pieces will contain the main plans regarding the architecture of each object, redacted at the scale of 1:50 or 1:100, as following:

  • the rated plans of all of the subterranean and over ground levels, with the indication of functions, dimensions and surfaces;

  • roof plan – terrace or framing - , with the indication of water drainage angles and the way of collecting the water drainage, including the indication of materials used to execute the shells.

  • characteristic sections – especially on the line of the greatest angle, where such is the case -, that will contain a +/-0,00 level, the levels of all floors, the determinant height of the roof – levels of cornice and ridge -, neighboring buildings foundations to which the projected constructions are to be adjacent;

  • all facades, with indicating the materials and finishing touches, including colors, leveled and with the indication of the branching to the land level.

  • in the situation of integrating constructions in an existing front, the street development by which the integration modality in the existent urban tissue will be presented ,

2.2. Structure

2.2.1. Foundations plan

It will be redacted at scale  1:50 and will show:

  • the way of complying with the geotechnical study conditions;

  • the measures of protecting the neighboring buildings foundations, to which the projected constructions are to be adjacent.

2.2.2. Foundations details

2.2.3. Complete structure project

It is presented for construction with more than one under floors and at least 10 levels.

2.3. Installations

2.3.1. Installations blueprints

The main parameters are presented and the functional blueprints of the projected installations.

2.4. Technological installations and features

In the situation in which the investment is to function based on technological installations and features, determinant for the planimetric configuration of the construction, it will be presented:

2.4.1. Ensemble drawings

2.4.2. Technological flux blueprint

Each plan presented in section II “Drawn Pieces”  will have in the down right corner a cartridge, that will contain : the name of the firm or the elaborating designer, register number or authorization number, by case, the title of the project and the plan, the number of the project and the plan, the date of the elaboration, name, quality and signature of the elaborating body and the project chief.

B. Project for the authorization of demolishing construction works  - D.T.A.D.

I. Written pieces

1. The technical designers list and signatures

It shall be filled with the name and the quality of the technical designers, as well as the part of the project which they are responsible for.

   2. Memoir

2.1. General data

Description of the building to be demolished:

  • short history: year of building, known craftsmen, other characteristic data;

  • description of structure, constituent materials, architectural style;

  • mentioning and describing the economic and decorative elements that are to be taken;

  • color photos - format 9 x 12 cm - of all facades and where appropriate conduct will present results of assembling multiple photos;

  • description of the works covered by the authorizing demolition works project.

II. Drawn pieces

   1. Territorial framing plan

  • drawing on topographic support sealed by cadastre and land registration territorial office, made ​​at the dimensions 1:10.000, 1:5.000, 1:2.000 and 1:1.000, as appropriate

   2. Buildings situation plan

  • drawing on topographic support sealed by cadastre and land registration territorial office, made ​​at the dimensions 1:2.000, 1:1.000, 1:500, 1:200 or 1:100, as appropriate, which mentions:

  • the cadastral parcel for which the certificate was issued;

  • location of all buildings that will remain or be abolished;

  • planning the land after the abolition of construction;

  • vertical systematization of the land and how to drain rainwater;

  • existing plantations that remain after dissolution.

The drawing will indicate separately the existing elements, those that dissolve and those proposed - site plan, new construction or filling of land, plantations and so on, as appropriate.

 3. Plans for underground construction

 It will include their location, especially in the urban utility networks site: routes, dimensions, positioning odds on homes - foundation and cover, and be drawn to scale 1:500.

In the absence of public network technical equipment will indicate their facilities, particularly water supply and sanitation.

 4. Surveys of the cconstruction to be abolished

Drawings shall be drawn to an appropriate scale - 1:100 or 1:50 - allowing highlight existing spaces and functions, indicating quotas existing surfaces and materials:

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  • Town Hall

  • County Council

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